Dry powder mortar production equipment

- Oct 19, 2017 -

Dry powder mortar production equipment, the main layout of the layout of the form of dry powder mortar production equipment, tower-type dry powder mortar production equipment, flat dry mortar production equipment.

Dry mortar equipment can produce a lot of mortar types

1. Adhesive mortar, mainly including tile adhesive, sealant, thermal insulation composite system dedicated adhesive mortar;

2. Plastering mortar: such as inside and outside the wall under the plaster, putty, color decorative mortar, thermal insulation mortar;

3. Masonry mortar: including ordinary masonry mortar, concrete block special thin bed mortar, insulation masonry mortar;

4. Floor mortar: such as ordinary floor mortar, self-leveling mortar;

5. Special mortar: including repair mortar, waterproof mortar, hardened powder and so on

Dry powder mortar industry prospects, production equipment manufacturers is an opportunity, but also challenges. A mechanical machinery will always uphold the ingenuity of the quality of manufacturing services for the core competitiveness of the enterprise policy better for the majority of customer service.

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